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6:00AM classes are available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School

8:15AM classes are available on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at Moraga Commons Park

6:00AM classes are available on Tuesday & Thursday at Acalanes High School

Voted Best Boot Camp in the East Bay by Diablo Magazine Readers



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Boot Camp Fitness Classes are also available in Lafayette, Danville and Alamo


Gumsaba coaches are trained to help you find the joy in fitness so you can keep it up for life. Our programs give you a platform to learn and grow and will continually challenge you to be your best.

“I’ve tried just about every workout out there and none has compared to Gumsaba. The class is fun and motivating…..something I wouldn’t have said about any other workout. It is an amazing and addictive mix of cardio and strength training. It is something new and different each time so we never tire of the class. I can’t imagine ever going back to working out indoors. Being a working mom with two kids, the time I spend at Bootcamp is the daily recharge that I need!” – Tina Murphy

Who will be teaching?


What will you be doing?


Lamorinda Fitness

Moraga Commons Park

What results can you expect?

Improved endurance in the first week
A significant increase in muscle tone within the first month
A feeling of accomplishment after every workout
Decrease in waist circumference
Lowered resting heart rate and improved metabolism
Increased energy and better sleep!

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“I joined Gumsaba boot camp in the fall of 2010, and it was the best fitness related decision I’ve made in my life…no joke! I’ve joined gyms in the past, tried other indoor boot camps, and tried running around my neighborhood on my own. None of these ever stuck though because I got bored FAST. The coaches provide no-nonsense hardcore workouts that are different EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’m never bored, and I never have to design a workout. I just show up and get going, ending an hour later knowing that I got a much better workout than I ever would get on my own. And while our class includes people at every level of fitness, the coaches structure the workouts so that all of us are able to push ourselves, no matter what level we’re at. The coaches always have good music playing (which I LOVE) and working out in the great outdoors is amazing. Yes, there are those cold or rainy days (we work out under cover when it’s raining), but knowing that the coaches are up and out there waiting for us every day with an amazing workout planned gives me the motivation to get out of bed and head to class. For the first time in my life, because of Gumsaba, I actually enjoy going for runs on the weekends, and I feel more energized than I ever have before.

I HIGHLY recommend this boot camp for anyone – whether you’re just starting to get back into shape (like I was), or are already in shape and looking to switch up your workouts.” – Lindsay Bowman

Gumsaba Fitness Programs offer ongoing athletic conditioning programs for women, men and teens. Our dynamic, fun and functional instruction will motivate you to achieve your goals. We keep our drills fresh and mix it up so won’t get bored or stuck in a rut. Our experienced trainers are constantly learning and udpating their certification so that we can help you to your fitness goals with the most efficient and up to date methods and equipment.

Our athletic conditioning programs will give you a burst of energy throughout your day, give you better rest, and quite honestly give you bragging rights! Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, enhance your health, get ready for your big day, or fit into your favorite jeans again, we are ready to help you achieve your goal. It’s time to GO BIGTIME! GO GUMSABA.

We encourage women and men of all fitness levels to try Gumsaba. Our Saturday class is free for all new clients!

Get started TODAY and find out why GUMSABA was voted the Best Boot Camp in the East Bay by Diablo Magazine readers!

“I have done a lot of personal training and classes in my 20+ years of working out and Michelle Brown is by far the best trainer I have ever had the pleasure to work out with. Her approach is fun and motivating, and her boot camp classes are amazing. I always get a great workout and am never bored. In addition, she excels at tailoring the group class to each individual, whether you want more intensity or if you need an alternative exercise to accommodate an injury. And finally, Michelle is one of the most principled and ethical people I have ever met. She makes a difference in the lives of so many people and animals, the planet is just a better place with Michelle Brown on it!” – Stacy Roach

At Gumsaba, fitness is not about how you look or what other people think of you. Who cares how many reps you do, how much weight you can lift, or how fast you can run? Unless you are planning to compete that should be the least of your concerns at Boot Camp. Your concern should be to leave every class feeling better for having been there, and to approach each class with an open minded can-do attitude. Looking great is a nice side effect of your workouts, but what a workout does to your soul is the best part about spending the time sweating. How many times have you dragged yourself to a work out because you knew you would feel one million times better when you left? I know all of you are nodding yes to that! One hour, one moment, ONE MORE PUSH UP can change you if you let it.
It turns out that one of the biggest challenges in sticking with a workout is your mental approach – what you THINK when you work out matters more than you think! If you go into something with a bad attitude you will not get the same results. Finally, there is some science to back that theory up! Some people will always look at the dark side of everything; please don’t be that person. Don’t rob yourself of an opportunity to meet your higher self and realize new heights. Be the person that grows to the light, that has trained themselves to look on the bright side. Be the person that others look to for hope in hard times; be the example. Its not as hard as we think to be POSITIVE, but it takes practice in all moments. It is simply not possible to go around being negative in your life and suddenly become enlightened. That is not how it works. Just like a flower, you need light and water to grow, you need the sun and the rain to show you what you are made of.

The challenges that face us are small compared to the power we have to conquer them. The road ahead always seems much harder than it really is, and the first step is the scariest! Enjoy your time in your workouts, and when a negative thought attempts to sabotage you remember, some people don’t have legs!!! Keep faith in yourself, in humanity, in the planet, in destiny, in each other and REACH for MORE. You have it, you want it, SO GO GET IT, NOW.

Gumsaba Outdoor Fitness Classes are the hardest hour you will ever love! We can help you take your fitness to a new level and make exercise something you are actually excited about. Our coaches are trained to help you accomplish your goals, from muscle gain, to fat loss, to feeling great in every day life. Our community is getting stronger every day, and we want YOU to be a part of it! Our focus on functional, fun training, keeps our clients coming back with enthusiasm. Outdoor fitness is a wonderful way to enjoy your workout time, and our drills will challenge you to rise up and do your best. Our Walnut Creek Boot Camps, Alamo Boot Camps, Danville Boot Camps and Lafayette Boot Camps have limited space, so get started today. Don’t wait for life to hit you, hit back – GO GUMSABA!